AlcoSense Excel Electronic Breathalyser with Pack of 25 Mouthpieces

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The AlcoSense Excel brings an outstandingly accurate and functional fuel cell breathalyser, using a 64mm version of the 200mm Fuel Cell sensor used in several UK, US and EU commercial breathalysers.

Accurate Sampling

The most accurate way to measure breath alcohol is by measuring deep lung air, which is often when you have blown out 1 litre of air. The AlcoSense Excel senses the volume of breath exhaled during the test and takes a reading when 1 litre of air has been exhaled, ensuring the most accurate and consistent breath sample is always taken. And, taking things one step further, the AlcoSense Excel will compensate for temperature to ensure the best accuracy.

Use World-Wide

The AlcoSense Excel can be set to any limit using the menu system. Adjust the unit of measure between mg/L (breath alcohol) and %BAC (blood Alcohol) readings, the drink drive limit and blood-breath ratio. Set the parameters according to the table in the user manual, making this perfect for cross border or cross continent travel.

Easy to Understand Results

Featuring a 1.8 inch colour TFT screen, the AlcoSense Excel provides clear and detailed readings of your alcohol level. If you're OK to drive, the screen will present in either Green (zero or trace alcohol) or amber (Alcohol present, but under the limit). If you're advised not to drive, the screen will appear Red.

Store your last 24 readings in memory for easy review at a later stage and be advised when you need calibration and when the outside temperature is outside of the Excel's operating limits, preventing you from obtaining erroneous results.

Comes with AlcoSense Mouthpiece (Pack of 25)

Designed to comply with EN16280 and NF standards, the Mouthpieces are individually sealed an feature a one-way valve for hygiene and accuracy.

    • Accurate Sampling
    • Use World-Wide
    • Easy to Understand Results
    • Comes with AlcoSense Mouthpiece (Pack of 25)

Brand AlcoSense
Type Breathalyser

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