Bamix SwissLine ColourLine Hand Blender, Cream

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The Bamix is the perfect appliance for a huge range of different tasks. It can be safely used in small containers and fragile glassware as well as in hot saucepans on the hob. The Bamix comes with a double insulated and fully sealed housing for deep immersion into hot and cold liquids.

Thanks to its unique and ergonomically optimised design, the Bamix does not slip from your hand and can be controlled with a single finger. All accessories are designed for easy attachment and removal.

Placed in its stand, the Bamix is always close at hand and leaves enough space even in a small kitchen.

The Bamix is a Swiss quality product made to last. It will serve you for many years to come. All parts are made from non-corrosive material and the strong motor is a Bamix design. All motors are produced in Switzerland.

Whats in the box

Model:100.906 EAN: 7610497606765

    • Bamix Manual
    • Features:
    • 200W AC motor
    • Double insulation
    • Softgrip safety switch
    • 2 speed settings
    • Blades can be stored in the enclosed section on the back of the stand, the processor can also be stored on the larger section on the back of the stand
    • Whats in the box
    • SwissLine ColourLine hand blender
    • Multi purpose blade
    • Beater blade
    • Whisk blade
    • Processor
    • 1000ml jug
    • Stand

Brand Bamix
Colour Cream
Dimensions H 37.5 x W 28.5 x D 12 cm
Power 200W
Type Hand Blender
Weight 2.32 kg

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