ERA Pro Smart HomeGuard Alarm and Control Kit

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The ERA cloud based Pro Smart HomeGuard Alarm and Control Kit gives you a peace of mind that your home is safe and protected. The Pro Smart Alarm Kit is fully compatible with LightWave lighting, heating and power solutions providing an extensive smart home system. Link your alarm to LightWave enabled lights and if your alarm goes off, you can trigger a visual deterrent and signal that your home or office is potentially at risk from a security threat.

The included solar powered sirens emit a 24-7 light as a visual deterrent. The battery (Supplied) provides a backup source of energy, ensuring that power will never be lost. When the alarm is triggered, a loud external siren will sound a 110 db siren to alert others of an intruder. The dummy siren acts as an additonal detterant to potential intruders.

The HomeGuard Smart Hub is wireless, connecting to broadband via wifi and is pre-linked to each wireless device. Your system can be expanded to include more components with ease, allowing you to customise your system according to your requirements. Getting started is quick and easy, simply plug in the Smart Hub and set up the ERA Homeguard App (Available for iOS and Android). Now you can control your ERA Pro Smart Alarm from your phone.

The extended components work on a 80m wireless range, ideal for protecting any size property and enables you to protect out-buildings such as your garage, shed, external office or storage unit as well as your home, within one system. The intuitive wireless system has been designed with the DIY'er in mind ensuring your ERA Pro Smart Alarm Kit is really easy to install yourself. There is no need for wiring or running cables in walls or under the carpet.

The ERA Remote Control enables the user to arm/disarm or send a panic signal from the quick click of a button. This clever and compact keyring sized component operates on a frequency which is not vulnerable to wireless interference.

This kit includes 2 PIR motion detectors to help secure your space. The ERA PIR motion sensor is pet friendly so you need not worry about your alarm going off unnecessarily. With a 110 degree detection area and an 8m radius an intruders movement will trigger the siren.

The ERA Magnetic Door/Window Sensor is ideally suited for entry and exit points. They can be easily installed on a door or window with a specially manufactured two part design to fit on a frame of window or door. This is ideal for any object that opens or closes. The anti-tamper protection will ensure that any attempts to tamper or remove it will result in activation of the alarm.

The cloud based system ensures that your system can be updated with new developments in technology.

This alarm requires a broadband internet connection with a router that includes one available wired network port. Smartphone must be iOS 9.0 (iPhone 6 or above) and above or Android 4.2 and above.

    • This alarm requires a broadband internet connection with a router that includes one available wired network port. Smartphone must be iOS 9.0 (iPhone 6 or above) and above or Android 4.2 and above.
    • Features:
    • Extended 80m Wireless Range: Ideal for protecting a large property and out-buildings such as your shed or garage within one system
    • Pre-linked Components: All wireless components are linked together straight out of the box and are all battery operated
    • Easy to Install: No need for wiring or technical knowledge
    • Part Alarming by Zone: Alarm can be set to create two different zones allowing you to arm one or both zones. For example, upstairs and downstairs of your property. While away, you can activate both zones and during the night you can choose to activate only the downstairs zone
    • Alarm Control by Smartphone: The alarm system will notify you by email, SMS text and push notifications if the alarm is triggered. You can access all of the alarm settings and features via the ERA Alarm App (available for iOS and Android). The system can be activated and deactivated using your smartphone
    • Smart Home Compatible: The Era HomeGuard Pro Alarm Kit is fully compatible with Lightwave lighting, power and heating products to create the complete smart home experience.
    • Includes:
    • 1 x Smart Hub
    • 2 x Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detectors
    • 2 x Window/Door Sensor Contacts
    • 2 x Remote Key Fobs
    • 1 x Solar Powered Outdoor Siren Box
    • 1 x Replica Siren Box

Brand ERA
Colour White
Type Alarms

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