G3 Pro 6 Piece Car Cleaning Kit

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Pro Snow Foam 500ml

G3 Professional Snow Foam is a pH neutral cleaner, safe for all surfaces and paint finishes. It is ideal for touchless cleaning before full exterior work and doesn’t strip off previously applied sealants or waxes.

Pro Wash & Wax 500ml

G3 Pro Wash & Wax is a highly concentrated formulation, safe on all surfaces and has a high foaming action.

Pro Wheel Cleaner 500ml

G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner is a touchless cleaner for all wheel types, including alloys, steel, chrome, painted and plastic trims.

Pro Cut & Wax 500ml

G3 Pro Cut & Wax is a mild abrasive polish.

Pro Tyre Shine Liquid 500ml

Rapid Tyre conditioner that gives an ‘as new look’ or a ‘high shine’ finish, G3 Pro Tyre Shine Liquid is very quick and easy to apply, will not degrade your tyres in any way, even when used on a regular basis.

Pro Resin Superwax 500ml

G3 Pro Resin Superwax is an interlinked protection system constructed from the highest grade Carnauba, montanic and parafin waxes to provide an easy to apply concentrated wax with unprecedented protection for up to 4 months and mirror gloss finish.

    • Pro Snow Foam 500ml
    • High foaming action softens and lifts dirt, making it easier and safer to remove damaging particles without touching the surface
    • Use before the shampoo or wash & wax stage
    • Pro Wash & Wax 500ml
    • Its slick, smooth formula, softens and removes harsh contaminants without scratching, leaving a high shine, protective layer
    • Pro Wheel Cleaner 500ml
    • The colour changing technology activates as brake dust and other iron rich contaminants dissolve
    • It is non-staining, can be used on bodywork around the wheel and the gel formula clings to the wheel surface for maximum effect
    • Pro Cut & Wax 500ml
    • Designed to remove minor surface defects such as swirl marks, holograms and oxidation leaving a protective layer of Carnauba wax for a high gloss shine
    • Does 2 jobs in 1
    • Pro Tyre Shine Liquid 500ml
    • Helps prevent discolouration and premature cracking
    • Pro Resin Superwax 500ml
    • The wax protects bodywork from the everyday traffic film that builds up on the surface. The unique interlinked protection system combines paraffin wax for spreading, montanic wax to speed buffing time and hard Carnauba wax for a tough glaze protection.

Brand G3
Type Car Cleaning
Weight 500ml x 6

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