Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Kit, 6 Pieces

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A selection of five fantastic Oven Mate cleaning products for the oven, including their award winning oven cleaning kit.

Bundle provides sufficient product for 6 complete oven cleans, plus additional items for maintaining your oven everyday:

Oven Cleaning Kit, 2 x 500mlWhich and Good Housekeeping award winning Oven Mate cleaning gel. This powerful cleaner removes the most stubborn baked on grease, oil and fat. So easy to use with no scrubbing required and odour free. Simply paint on the gel to clean ovens, racks, grills and barbecues. Each kit includes a 500ml bottle of Oven Mate Gel, a brush for easy application and pair of protective gloves.

In Between Oven Cleaner, 2 x 500mlTo extend the time between deep cleaning your oven with Oven Mate gel, use this quick acting product to remove fat splatters and drips every time you cook. Suitable for use on oven interior, door glass, steel, pyrex and enamel roasting trays. Simply spray onto the surface, leave for up to 30 minutes and wipe clean.

Mesh Filter Cleaner, 500mlSpecially formulated to remove the sticky residues and food odours that collect in the metal filters of your hob extractor. Regular cleaning keeps the extractor fan working properly and prevents the build up of grease and old food particles. Contains odour neutralisers to deodorise as well as clean.

Super Tough Cloths, 10 PackProfessional grade, 100% natural fibre cloths that are ideal for using in conjunction with Oven Mate gel. Each cloth is 50x36cm, washable, reusable and biodegradable.

    • Oven Cleaning Kit, 2 x 500ml
    • In Between Oven Cleaner, 2 x 500ml
    • Mesh Filter Cleaner, 500ml
    • Super Tough Cloths, 10 Pack

Brand Oven Mate
Type Cleaning Products

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