Somfy Home Protect Alarm with 3 Smoke Alarms

£471.99 £566.39

The Somfy Home Protect Alarm with 3 Smoke Alarms gives you additional safety, security and peace of mind.

The motion detector and the three door / window sensors that come as standard with the Somfy Home Protect Alarm immediately send a push message to your smartphone if they detect any break ins and a loud 110dB siren goes off at the same time.

The Somfy Smoke Alarms work with your Somfy Protect. When the sensor detects smoke a loud 85dB siren will sound and a notification will be sent to your smartphone.

    • Smoke Alarm Instructions
    • Home Protect Instructions
    • Somfy Home Protect Alarm Features:
    • Sleekly designed plug and play all-around alarm system
    • 1 x motion sensor
    • 3 x door / window sensors
    • 2 x key fob badges allow easy automatic activation or deactivation of the home alarm.
    • IntelliTAG vibration analysis sensor warns you if there is an attempted break-in
    • Smart enough to recognise the difference between a ball bumping the door and the door being forced open.
    • The smart motion detector allows for pets up to 25kg to move around the space without setting off the alarm.
    • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
    • Wi-Fi enabled with easy setup
    • Integrated app with iOS and Android compatibility
    • Wireless 110dB siren will scare off any burglars as soon as its activated
    • Power outage detection and 6 hours backup battery
    • Somfy Smoke Alarm Features:
    • Compact white smoke detector powered by two included AA batteries
    • 2 Years battery life when interconnected to the Somfy Home Alarm System.
    • 85dB siren
    • In case of smoke detection a notification is sent to your smartphone
    • Once smoke is detected the smoke alarm in the room concerned rings and thanks to the interconnected function, all Somfy Home Protect and Smoke Alarms in your home ring as well
    • Up to 10 detectors per property can be linked
    • Easy to control via the Somfy Protect app
    • Easy to install with step by step guide on your smartphone
    • Monthly reminders via the Somfy Protect app for mandatory funcational test and maintenance.

Brand Somfy
Dimensions Home Alarm: H 13.7 x W 32.4 x D 30.3 cmSmoke Alarm: H 3 x W 12 cm
Type Alarm SystemsSmoke Alarm
Weight Home Alarm: 2.7kgSmoke Alarm: 0.12kg

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