Yamaha Aqua Cruise Inflatable Surface Scooter (8+ Years)

SKU: 66444966


Let your children have a summer they'll never forget with the Yamaha® Aqua Cruise Inflatable Scooter. This scooter can propel your children up to 2mph so they can buzz around and explore the sea, lakes or pools. It is made from heavy duty PVC which can be easily repaired with any type of repair kit. Use for up to an hour without the need to charge. This scooter has been designed with safety in mind due to electricity, children and water not being the most compatible items. Protection systems such as a master switch lock has been added to prevent unsupervised riding, a full enclosed propeller to protect your childrens fingers as well as an auto shut of function and other multiple protection systems to ensure your childs safety at all times.


    • Features:
    • Yamaha® licensed product
    • Waterproof circuitry of protection against accidental flooding
    • Protective shields to keep the propeller away from fingers
    • Sealed lead acid battery
    • Auto shut-off function
    • Powered by rechargeable batteries
    • Heavy gauge PVC bladder
    • For ages 8+, designed to carry up to a maximum of 70kg
    • Speed: up to 2mph (3.2kmh)
    • Run Time: Up to 60 minutes normal use (continuous use up to 40 mins)
    • Gears: 1 gears
    • Charge Time: 10 hours


Brand Yamaha
Charge Time 10 hours
Colour Blue
Gears 1 gears
Material PVC
Speed Up to 2mph (3.2kmh)
Type Motorised Scooter

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