Bamix Superbox Hand Blender Set, Red

SKU: 66444568


Featuring a 200W motor, two-fold insulation and fully sealed casing, plus a variety of attachments, the Bamix Superbox Hand Blender Set will soon become indispensable in your kitchen. Featuring 2 speed settings (12000 rpm or 17000 rpm) this handy blender will have you whipping up family favourites in no time.

Included within the Bamix Superbox kit is a multi-purpose blade, a whisk blade, beater blade, meat/vegetable blade, processor, and a microwave & dishwasher safe 1000ml jug to help with numerous food preparation tasks.

Included in the extras of this Superbox kit is the SliceSy. This is a small tool powered by the Bamix hand blender acting as a food processor allowing you to chop, slice and grate a mixture of different food types.


What’s in the box

Model: 105.099 EAN: 7610497605249

    • Features
    • 200W Heavy duty AC Motor
    • Two-fold insulation
    • Twin safety switch
    • 2 speed settings: 12000 rpm & 17000 rpm
    • 13.5cm (5 ⅜”) shaft length
    • What’s in the box
    • Bamix Superbox Kit 200W Red
    • Multi-purpose blade
    • Whisk blade
    • Beater blade
    • Meat/Vegetable blade
    • Processor
    • Jug 1000ml
    • SliceSy®
    • Stand

2 speed settings 12000 rpm & 17000 rpm
Brand Bamix
Colour Red
Dimensions H 8 x W 7 x D 34 cm
Power 200W
Type Hand Blender
Weight 0.94kg

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