Bombard C4 Commando 7 Person Boat

SKU: 66444962


The Commando boat is a sturdy character made for action. It was built to make it's way with power and precision in all circumstances. The floor of the boat is made from a monoblock anodised aluminium. This means the floor is rot resistant and non-carodible, as well as being perfectly resistant to chocks.

    • Features:
    • Rigid keel in 3 articulated elements with quick build up without tools
    • One aluminium engine support plate
    • Attach point for launching wheels
    • 2 x draining flushes
    • Strongan duotex fabric 1100 decitex
    • Assembled by thermobandage welding
    • Headline lashing and front coaming
    • 2 D towing rings
    • 2 D lifting rings
    • Four exterior handles
    • One front metallic handle
    • Standard Equipment:
    • 2 x transport bags with multiple pockets
    • 1 x rigid pre-equipped deck
    • 2 x paddles/oars
    • 1 x air pump
    • 1 x maintenance briefcase
    • 1 x owners manual
    • 1 x Bombard flag shaft
    • Number of Passengers: 7
    • Maximum Power: 50HP (Engine not included)
    • Dimensions: L 430 x W 175 cm
    • Weight: 109kg
    • Maximum Authorised Load: 870kg
    • Number of Waterproof Compartments: 3
    • Maximum Speed: 37mph

Brand Bombard
Colour Black
Dimensions L 430 x W 175 cm
Maximum Authorised Load 870kg
Maximum Power 50HP (Engine not included)
Maximum Speed 37mph
Number of Passengers 7
Number of Waterproof Compartments 3
Type 7 Person Boat
Weight 109kg

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