Almost Heaven Yukon 6 Person Barrel Steam Sauna - Delivered and Installed

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The Yukon 6 Person Barrel Sauna is fitted with insulating lumber as well as stainless steel bands. Gain access to the sauna with ease, simply use the long handle designed with smooth wood internally and stainless steel on the exterior. The Yukon 6 Person Barrel Sauna features a full glass door allowing you to enjoy the views of your very own garden. Fitted with long interior benches, two people can stretch and fully recline or alternatively 6 people can sit comfortably. Step into a spacious and inviting sauna courtesy of the long benches, sturdy glass door and barrel shape.

Made with rustic red cedar, the softwood lumber is thick and insulating, making it the ideal for outdoor use. Excellent heat circulation creates a consistent flow of heat through the whole sauna due to the saunas unique barrel design. The Yukon 6 Person Barrel Sauna heats up in under 1 hour to the high temperature of 90.5 degrees Celsius due to the powerful stainless-steel sauna Harvia Finnish heater.

Enjoy a dry sauna or a wet sauna as the heat from the heater and stones will remove any humidity in the air creating a dry sauna, or the hot stones can be sprinkled with water for an exhilarating burst of steam that creates a wet sauna.

Included is a LED lighting bar that is controlled by an interior on/off switch, fitted with a dimming feature that provides the option to choose your preferred amount of light. The Yukon 6 Person Barrel Sauna also includes a water bucket with a ladle and a thermometer/hydrometer, providing all you need for a authentic and unique sauna experience.

Please Note: Installation does not include electrical setup

    • Features:
    • Indoor or outdoor placement
    • High-grade stainless steel fasteners and hardware
    • Tempered and tinted glass door
    • Ball-and-socket western red cedar with 35mm finished thickness
    • Wood naturally resistant to the elements and insects
    • Stainless steel bands, hinges, heater and fasteners
    • 2 opposite facing interior benches
    • Deep center rock cavity for maximum steam
    • Genuine 20kg sauna stone capacity
    • Built-in louvered vents
    • Partially pre-assembled construction
    • LED lighting with on/off switch
    • Heater: 8.0kw with temperature control
    • Bench Width: 46 cm
    • Exterior dimensions: L 241x W 182 x H 196 cm
    • Weight: 445 kg
    • Capacity: 6 people
    • Wood: Knotty western red cedar
    • Health Benefits:
    • Release of fat-soluble toxins and toxic body chemicals through perspiration
    • Elevated heart rate leading to increased blood flow and accelerated calorie burn
    • Enhanced immune system due to an increase in body temperature
    • Stress reduction due to increased and improved blood flow
    • Endorphin release due to increased heart rate
    • Improved circulation due to expanded capillaries
    • Weight loss due to toxin release from fat cells and increased caloric burn
    • Cardiovascular conditioning and the lowering of blood pressure
    • Reduction in cellulite due to significant sweating
    • Reduction in arthritic and muscle pain
    • Enhanced skin tone due to the opening of skin pores
    • Please Note:

Bench Width 46 cm
Brand Almost Heaven
Capacity 6 people
Colour Wood
Dimensions L 241 x W 182 x H 196 cm
Exterior dimensions L 241x W 182 x H 196 cm
Heater 8.0kw with temperature control
Material Knotty Western Red Cedar
Type Steam Sauna
Weight 495 kg
Wood Knotty western red cedar

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