Angelcare Soft Touch Mini Bath Support Grey AC3220 (0-6 Months)

SKU: 66445353


Bath time is a wonderful way for babies to bond with parents and siblings. A safe, reassuring bathing routine can make the world of difference to both babies and those around them. And we know little ones and parents simply love bath time with Angelcare!

Perfectly designed to fit inside both a regular bath or a baby bath, the Angelcare soft-touch mini bath support is a fantastic way of supporting your baby during their bath time routine. The soft TPE material gently supports baby both comfortably and safely. It reaches the bath water's temperature very quickly making baby feel warm and content.

Always offering real peace of mind to parents, the Angelcare soft-touch mini bath support has an ergonomic but slender shape. This makes it small enough to fit into your preferred bathing tub yet sturdy enough to support baby safely. Angelcare has cleverly added two suction cups which provide watertight stability for this lightweight bath support. A water level indicator for optimal safety will help you know just how high to fill the bath.


Model: AC3220 EAN: 666594202345

    • Features
    • Suitable fro 0-6 months
    • Unique Design: Ergonomically designed mini bath support, providing optimal support, comfort and safety while bathing baby
    • Soft-Touch: The bath support has a layer of soft TPE material, which warms very quickly to baby’s body temperature and bath water
    • Hygienic: The mesh material allows water to drain easily from the bath support and dry quickly
    • Durable & Lightweight: Made with durable lightweight plastic which is designed to keep its shape
    • Use Directly in the Bath: Easy to use on a daily basis & designed to be used directly in the bath

Brand Angelcare
Colour Grey
Type Bath Support

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