Arcade Overload Next Gen Arcade Machine - Extreme Edition

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The Arcade Overload Extreme Next-Gen is  a modern Japanese-style arcade machine  with over 330 of the best arcade games to  get you started. With the Arcade Overload  Extreme Next-Gen, you also get access to  an amazing online retro games player with  1000s of classic arcade/console games for  you to enjoy. You can also run all the latest  PC/Steam games all on one excellent  arcade cabinet.

Our Arcade Overload cabinets have over 330 arcade games to start - just a few of the awesome titles that feature include 1942®, Asteroids®, Pac-Man®, Galaxian®, Dig-Dug®, Space Invaders®, Bubble Bobble®, Phoenix™, Defender®, Paperboy® and Street Fighter 2® CE. Just as the AO Extreme cabinets are superb for gaming with a great i5 quad core and powerful GTX graphics card, they also offer exceptional multimedia functionality. The built-in DVD-RW Drive, HDMI-out, speaker in/out, full wireless internet, headphone and 4 x USB ports allow the cabinet to double up as a superb high-end media centre. Any AO Extreme machine can be used as a jukebox with crisp built-in speakers, the option of Hi-fi link-up and plenty of spare hard drive  space for storing music.

Source media or search the net with full wireless capabilities or take advantage of the front USB ports to add media, link up your phone or use peripherals such as XBOX 360 joypads. With an HDMI-out port, you can even connect the system in your arcade up to another screen and use the PC on there with the portable mouse/keyboard to play a  game, stream directly to your TV or watch a new movie – the list is endless!!

With a great 32” HD square screen and terrific 2.1 sound you can relive all of your favourite games in unsurpassed arcade quality. The AO Extreme Next-Gen arcade  machine lets you relive all those retro  memories, providing endless hours of fun  on one perfect arcade machine for your  home, business or venue.

    • Product User Guide
    • Extreme Edition Features:
    • Extreme arcade media system with 1000s of classic games
    • Extensive games list that  includes all your favourites
    • Option to add over 1000s  more arcade and older console games
    • Option to add unlimited  modern PC and online  games
    • Can be made to run  hyperspin and other top game menus
    • 4 USB ports and wireless  internet to enable many more  games
    • Choose to add original  console pads to play games  as you did
    • Fully plug-and-play with no  assembly required
    • Huge 32-inch HD arcade  screen
    • I5 quad core intel based PC  system with 2TB HD space
    • Speaker input/output for  headphones/Hi-fi connection
    • Easy access built-in DVD  drive
    • Logitech® K400 wireless  mouse and keyboard
    • Microsoft® Windows 10 home edition
    • Bespoke reinforced glass  screen
    • Black buttons and Joystick  as standard
    • Excellent 2.1 woofer sound  system with volume control
    • Extreme Edition Specifications:
    • Number of Games: Over 330 arcade classics + over 5000 classic arcade and console games + unlimitied modern titles
    • Games Type: Arcade games + classic console games + modern PC/steam games + ad your own games
    • Screen: Huge 32" HD arcade screen
    • Warranty: Full 12 month warranty
    • Dimensions: H 155 x W 96 x D 85cm

Colour White
Dimensions H 115 x W 96 x D 85 cm
Screen Huge 32" HD arcade screen
Type Arcade Machine
Warranty Full 12 month warranty

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