Bamix Baking Hand Blender, Cream

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The Baking Bamix is everything you will need for whipping up tasty treats in the kitchen. The cookbook contains lots of sweet and savoury recipes for you to create.

The Bamix is the smallest yet most efficient and versatile kitchen appliance in the world. Thanks to the various Bamix accessories, the appliance is the ideal helper for a huge range of tasks. It can be used to chop, mince, puree, emulsify, mix, blend, froth, grind, pulverise, grate and whip food.

At the same time, the Bamix is extremely easy to operate and clean.


Whats in the box

Model: 105.917 EAN: 7610497909828

    • Bamix Manual
    • Features
    • Two-fold insulation
    • Twin safety switch
    • 2 speed settings
    • Blades can be stored in the enclosed section on the back of the stand, the processor can also be stored on the larger section on the back of the stand
    • Whats in the box
    • Baking hand blender
    • Multipurpose blade
    • Beater blade
    • Whisk blade
    • Meat/vegetable blade
    • Processor
    • Powder disc
    • SliceSy
    • 400ml beaker with lid
    • 600ml beaker with lid
    • 1000ml Jug with lid
    • Stand
    • Cookbook

Brand Bamix
Colour Cream
Dimensions H 41 x w 39 x D 15.5 cm
Power 200W
Type Hand Blender
Weight 4.06 kg