Birkdale Automatic Sectional Garage Door with Installation up to 2.5m Wide Installed Remote

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Birkdale Automatic Sectional Garage Door with Installation up to 2.5m Wide Installed Remote

Birkdale’s sectional garage door is manufactured using the highest quality materials to make it an extremely secure and aesthetically pleasing option for any home as well as offering an extensive range of colours with industry leading warranties. Made to measure and fitted by professionals, Birkdale’s sectional garage doors combine the convenience of power operation with the advantage of a smooth, vertical opening.

Birkdale are the only UK producer of panels and offer an industry leading 50mm Insulated panel giving greater strength and insulation value.

Every garage door, up to 4.5m wide, comes with innovatively designed side tension springs. This allows quick and easy installation but also allows the door to fit into low headroom garages. A guide rail system is installed and is what is used to ensure the smooth opening and closing of your garage doors. These rail sets are manufactured from high-quality galvanised steel.

Sectional garage doors are both convenient and space saving, allowing you to park right up to your garage, whilst the pocket size transmitter enables you to open and close your door within your car. When open, the door fits neatly into the roof space of your garage, giving you total drive through width and height for any type of car, whether it be a 4x4 or a small compact car.

Smooth or Woodgrain Finish Birkdale’s sectional garage doors are available in Large Rib, Mid Rib and Small Rib designs with an option of Smooth or Woodgrain finish. All come complete with a 10 year colourfast warranty. The colours offered are White, Anthracite Grey and Jet Black. A colour matching service is available at an extra cost

Guide Rail System The guide rail system, made from high quality galvanised steel, is made to measure like the door itself. The quality of the rails determines the length of the door’s life. This is why Birkdale have chosen these innovatively constructed rails. Coupled with side tension sprung system and duo roll hinges, this makes the Birkdale sectional door perfect for most garages. These are designed to fit on the rear face of the brickwork. If the door will not fit this way extra framework or trims may be needed. Motor and Boom Operator Birkdale’s motor and boom operator has been carefully chosen to deliver the requirements for all of Birkdale's sectional doors. The power level for every Birkdale motor is 600 or 800nm depending on size of door, ensuring the door is operated without undue pressure on the motor itself. The motor is direct drive, meaning the motor is operating the door rather than the fixed chain for greater security. The operator comes with an LED courtesy light and built in obstacle detection, as standard. Features & Benefits:

• Space saving option both internally and externally • Vertical opening for shorter driveways • Made to measure and fitted by a professional • Aesthetically pleasing • Secure and heavy duty to give a rigid and strong perimeter • A massive 50mm thick insulated steel curtain is ideal for garages with bedrooms above • Reduction in sound Package Includes:

• Installation • Door Removal and Disposal • Smooth Coat or Woodgrain Colour Finish with 10 Years Warranty • Electric Operation • Remote Operation • Steel Foam Sectional Garage Door • Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Tracks • Motorised as Standard • Built in Obstacle Detection • Courtesy Light • 2 x 2 Channel Handsets To select your correct size bracket, please refer to the Measuring Guide above.

Please note: Your measurements will not be used as exact sizes for manufacturer. A professional surveyor will complete the final survey for production. Maximum height cannot exceed 2.4m.

Please Note: This door is designed to be installed behind the garage opening and therefore extra materials may be required in some cases which will be subject to an additional cost. This will be discussed accordingly by the surveyor who will highlight any additional charges before your garage door is put into production. N.B. A 3 Pin plug power socket is required to be in the garage prior to installation.


    • Birkdale Ordering Guide
    • Measuring Guide
    • Colour Swatch
    • Sectional Preparational Guide
    • Smooth or Woodgrain Finish
    • Guide Rail System
    • Motor and Boom Operator
    • Features & Benefits:
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    • Please Note:
    • N.B. A 3 Pin plug power socket is required to be in the garage prior to installation.


Brand Birkdale
Dimensions H (up to) 2.4m x W (up to) 2.5m
Type Sectional