Birkdale Classic Plus Automatic Roller Garage Door with Installation up to 2.5m

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Please Note: This door is designed to be installed behind the garage opening and therefore extra materials may be required in some cases which will be subject to an additional cost. This will be discussed accordingly by the surveyor who will highlight any additional charges before your garage door is put into production. N.B. A 3 Pin plug power socket is required to be in the garage prior to installation.

Please note: Your measurements will not be used as exact sizes for manufacturer. A professional surveyor will complete the final survey for production. Maximum height cannot exceed 2.4m.

These are backed by a 5 year warranty as standard. Features & Benefits:

With up/down/stop buttons.

A colour matching service is available at an extra cost High Speed Tube Motor A high speed motor provides smoother and faster operation and comes supplied with an internal manual release and a 7 year warranty. Internal Control Box with optical sensor safety edge Our Control box is equipped with an optical safety edge that will make the door auto reverse if any obstructions are under the door The remote control has a Bi-directional secure radio system thanks to 128-bit-AES.

Birkdale’s roller garage door offers a secure and aesthetically pleasing option as a replacement garage door or new opening. Made to measure and fitted by professionals, Birkdale’s roller garage doors combine the convenience of power operation with the advantage of a smooth vertical opening. With its industry leading warranties and being thermally insulated, this package is ideal for any integral or free standing garage. Roller garage doors are both convenient and space saving, allowing you to park right up to your garage, whilst the pocket size transmitter enables you to open and close your door within your car. The tightly coiling curtain inside your garage also creates more space to accommodate high top off-road vehicles or people carriers. Laminated Finish Choose from 3 superior laminated finish colours, complete with 15 years manufacturer’s warranty. All laminated colours have a multi-layer finish which absorbs UV radiation by more than 95% ensuring the colours and wood grains are protected from fading and adverse weather effects. The external foil coating creates a thermal break and coupled with solar shield technology, the profiles are kept much cooler – even with darker colours. This coating opens up the possibility of matching any architecture and is much harder wearing than paint finished profiles traditionally supplied.



    • Birkdale Ordering Guide
    • Measuring Guide
    • Colour Swatch
    • Roller Preparational Guide
    • Laminated Finish
    • High Speed Tube Motor
    • Internal Control Box with optical sensor safety edge
    • Features & Benefits:
    • Space saving option both internally and externally • Vertical opening for shorter driveways • Made to measure and fitted by a professional • Aesthetically pleasing • Secure and heavy duty to give a rigid and strong perimeter • 20mm thick insulated curtain is ideal for garages with bedrooms above • Reduction in sound Package Includes:
    • Installation • Door Removal and Disposal • Laminated Colour Finish with 15 Years Colourfast Warranty • Electric Operation • Remote Operation • Aluminium Foam Roller Garage Door • Heavy Duty Barrel • High Speed Tube Motor with 7 Years Warranty • Internal Control Box • Optical sensor safety edge with 5 Years Warranty • Full Aluminium Box to Create a Fascia • Courtesy Light • 2 x 2 Channel Handsets To select your correct size bracket, please refer to the Measuring Guideabove.
    • Please note:
    • Please Note:
    • N.B. A 3 Pin plug power socket is required to be in the garage prior to installation.


Brand Birkdale
Dimensions H (up to) 2.4m x W (up to) 2.5m
Type Roller