Boneco Air Purifier P400 with Digital Display

SKU: 66446089


Healthy – Removes smog, allergens, dust mites and smoke for fresher air every day.  

Compact – This small machine can efficiently purify the air in rooms up to 23 m².

Portable – Enjoy fresh mountain air whether you’re at home or on holiday.

Features and Benefits

For those with allergies, an air purifier can make a real difference to a sufferer's quality of life. This machine provides up to 230 m³/h of clean air and extracts allergens through efficient filtering, consistently improving the air quality in your room, and has even been awarded the Seal of Approval from the British Allergy Foundation.

An air purifier such as this P400 filters out ultra-fine particulates in the air, thus providing clean and healthy room air. With the special filter package (HEPA and active carbon filters), the P400 removes allergens, pollen, viruses, dust, pet dander, dust mites, smoke and odours from the air, quietly and efficiently.

From a product family with an award-winning design, the P400 will blend in effortlessly with your everyday surroundings – its quiet operation will never distract you.

Insert the filter that meets your needs: ALLERGY (standard equipment), BABY or SMOG. Whether you are at home or at the office, this compact air purifier helps provide cleaner air.

The Boneco P400 Air Purifier gives you highly efficient air purification at home, making it ideal for those with allergies, babies and those simply wanting cleaner air to breath in areas of poor air quality.

    • User instructions
    • Allergy filter included
    • Boneco P400 mains powered air purifier
    • Whisper quiet operation at lowest output setting
    • Filter change notification
    • Digital display with auto function
    • Suitable for rooms up to 23 m²
    • Fragrance container for essential oils
    • 5 fan speeds
    • 4 levels of filtration with HEPA and carbon layers

Weight 7.2kg
Dimensions H56.2 x W22.4 x D42
Power Fitted with 240V UK mains plug
Colour White
Air cleaning output  230 m³/h in CADR
Operating noise level 30-58 dB (A)
Choice of filters Allergy / Smog / Baby

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