Boneco HEPA Air Purifier P340, 40m²

SKU: 250019

£126.99 £145.99

The smart functionality of the Boneco P340 air purifier lets you breathe deeply. The A341 filter with its HEPA and activated carbon coating ensures clean air. In addition, the integrated ionisation technology supports the cleaning process for an even better result. This lets people suffering from allergies immediately experience the benefits to their nose and throat.

The intelligent Auto mode automatically controls the three performance levels as appropriate for the air quality. The simple design fits in any room. In bedrooms, the P340 ensures an undisturbed night's rest thanks to its quiet operation.

A purifier filters out ultrafine particles, thus providing clean and healthy room air. With a special filter package, (HEPA and active carbon filters), the appliance removes allergens, pollen, viruses, dust, pet dander, dust mites, smoke and odours from the air.


  • 2-in-1 filter package: HEPA and Active Carbon Filter
  • Integrated gas sensor
  • Integrated ioniser
  • Delivers a fresh air breeze through its fan setting
  • Efficient cleaning output
  • Ideal for all smaller rooms: nursery or baby's room, bedroom, home office
  • 3 performance levels
  • Whisper quiet operation at lowest performance level
  • Fast, easy and intuitive operation
  • Elegant design
  • 1-50W power consumption


Model:  P340
EAN: 7611408017038

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