Bowron Sheepskin Area Rug 120 x 180cm in Ivory

SKU: 66449283


Colours available in Paco, Dover, Stone, Champagne and Ivory.

The Bowron longwool sheepskin area rugs are meticulously constructed by skilled craftspeople who match and stitch the pieces to create beautiful floor rugs. Suitable for any room in the house, these rugs come in a range of colours to suit all interiors.

    • Cushioning Layer: Polyester Cotton backing, 100% natural sheepskin rug
    • Top Material: Sheepskin
    • Washing Instructions: Professional dry clean only. Regular brushing and shaking will help maintain the soft fluffy appearance and feel of the lambskin
    • Tanned in New Zealand
    • Dimensions: 120 x 180cm

Type Sheepskin Rug
Colour Naturals
Brand Bowron
Top Material Sheepskin
Dimensions 120 x 180cm

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