Carlsbro Sherwood 30 30W Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

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EAN: 5060262523193

The original Sherwood Acoustic Guitar Combo was launched and one of the very first guitar amplifiers to enter the market and for over 30 years used throughout the world by the most highly respected acoustic guitar players. Today the ‘Sherwood’ once again leads the way with their warmth and clarity. When reinventing the Sherwood acoustic combo the Carlsbro R&D team, based in England listened to fans of the Sherwood from around the world and have now incorporated a tiltback cabinet design and using new technology have developed two new models in both mono and stereo for today’s acoustic guitar player.

    • Dimensions [WxHxD]: 450mm*400mm*565mm
    • Weight: 15kg
    • Impedance: 4ohms
    • Speaker: 2 x 6.5? Bass/Tweeter Dual
    • Effects: Chorus, Reverb, Phase On/Off
    • EQ: Mic Bass/Treble; Guitar Bass/Mid Sweep, Middle/Treble
    • Outputs: Line Out Controls: Mic Volume, Guitar Volume, String Dynamic
    • Inputs: Guitar Input, XLR (Microphone) Input, Aux/CD RCA Input, Footswitch
    • Power: 2 x 15 Watts
    • Channels: Two (Guitar and Microphone)
    • Technology: Solid State
    • Features:

Colour Burgundy
Brand Carlsbro
Type Amplifier
Dimensions H 40.0 x W 45.0 x D 56.5 cm
Weight 15kg
Wattage 2 x 15W
Driver size(mm) 2 x 6.5?
Technology Solid State
Channels Two (Guitar and Microphone)
Power 2 x 15 Watts
Effects Chorus, Reverb, Phase On/Off
Speaker 2 x 6.5? Bass/Tweeter Dual
Impedance 4ohms
Dimensions [WxHxD] 450mm*400mm*565mm

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