Draper Pair of 10-Tonne Capacity Pneumatic Axle Stands

SKU: 326444

£169.99 £195.99

The Draper Axel Stands features expert standards of quality. These pneumatic axle stands are fitted with an internal gas strut enabling an auto rising feature. Easily operated via lever, this enacts the internal air driven post to rise until the saddle makes contact or the saddle reaches its maximum height. Once the correct height is achieved a locking pin keeps the saddle secured and the extra wide base of the axle stand provides added stability.



  • Fitted with an internal gas strut
  • Pneumatic auto rise feature
  • Easily operated via lever
  • Internal air driven post raises saddle
  • Extra wide base for increased stability
  • Fitted with a locking pin for keeping the saddle lowered when not in use
  • Base size 372 x 327mm
  • Minimum height: 505mm
  • Maximum height: 770mm
  • Capacity (max. per stand): 10000kg (S.W.L.) (10-Tonne)
  • Capacity (per pair): 20000kg (S.W.L.) (20-Tonne)
  • Supplied on a Pallet

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