Draper Stud Welder & Trolly Kit Draper Stud Welder & Trolly Kit

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The Draper Stud Welder & Trolley Kit features a quick release stud gun with slide hammer attachment, dinse earth clamp, adjustable welding parameters, power time settings and single or continual spot selection. The kit comes complete with a metal trolley enabling easy manoeuvrability around the workshop. 


  • Carbon rods x 3
  • Carbon rod chuck x 1
  • Washer connector x 1
  • Triangle washer connector x 1
  • Triangle washers x 10
  • 12mm washers x 15
  • 10mm washers x 15
  • Earth clamp
  • Manual cupule and pulling hook all housed in a tough plastic storage case.
  • Stud gun with slide hammer attachment
  • Adjustable welding parameters
  • Power time settings
  • Thermal protection
  • Single or continuous spot selection
  • Dinse connection gun and earth
  • Dinse earth clamp and accessories kit supplied
  • Torch cable length: 3M
  • Earth lead: 2M
  • Input voltage: 230V AC @ 50HZ
  • Input current: 32A
  • Rated max. supply current:3KVA
  • Output amperage range: 3100A
  • Output voltage: 1-13V
  • Welding time: 0-99 seconds
  • For use on material thickness: 0.8MM - 1.2MM
  • Supplied on a pallet

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