Dremel 4000-6/128 Platinum Multi-Tool Kit

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The Dremel Platinum Tool Kit also comes with a Dremel designed lightweight plastic tool box allowing users to store and transport their kit easily. The Platinum Tool Kit incorporates accessories from the Dremel EZ SpeedClic range which makes accessory changes quick, efficient and effective. That's not all, with 128 high quality Dremel attachments, the versatility of the Dremel 4000 is increased, enabling you to perform a wide range of applications. Dremel tools are built to last and maintain their high performance levels.

The Platinum Tool Kit comes with the Dremel 4000 which is an all round multi-tool with an overall power output of 175W that enables optimal performance and the completion of tasks such as engraving, grinding, sanding, polishing and much more with ease. The Dremel 4000 features the enhanced EZ Twist Nose Cap, a comfortable soft grip and variable speed options for greater control.

Strong, dynamic with maximum control. The key to a perfect result is having maximum control over your DIY project. This powerful Dremel Platinum Multi-Tool Kit with interchangeable accessories and attachments will give you just that. Tackle even the most precise tasks in awkward spaces. Work on any material, soft or hard, with the same ease.

    • Features:
    • Includes the Dremel 4000 electric rotary multi-tool, 6 Dremel attachments, 128 Dremel accessories and a Dremel carry case
    • Ideal for tasks such as sanding, carving, engraving, routing, cleaning and polishing
    • Variable speeds to work on various materials
    • 130W motor for optimal performance
    • Innovative EZ Twist Nose Cap where no wrench required for changing accessories
    • Compact and lightweight design makes the tool easy and comfortable to use
    • Soft grip for better grip and reduced vibration
    • Voltage: 240V
    • Wattage: 175W
    • Variable speed: 5,000–35,000 Rpm
    • Warranty: 2 year manufacturer's warranty

Variable speed 5,000–35,000 Rpm
Voltage 240V
Warranty 2 year manufacturer's warranty
Wattage 175W