Esprit Digital Instant Body Temperature Scanner with Desktop Base Moun

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InstaScan™ - The instant & accurate temperature check. InstaScan allows for quick and efficient temperature readings of customers/ employees/ students and the general public at your premises point of entry. Ensuring the safety of all persons through a proactive and precise approach.

FEATURES OF INSTASCAN™ • Human body temperature detection and temperature display • Face recognition speed is less than one second • Automatic alarm for body temperature abnormality • 8 inch IPS full view LCD display • Waterproof and dustproof for stability and reliability • Temperature measurement data is exported in real time • Recognition database up to 30,000 faces • Live face detection accuracy rate is 98.3% • Infrared thermal imaging for face-with-mask identity. • Expansion support for ID card readers, fingerprints etc Desktop Base Mount Included.

    • Instascan Instruction Manual
    • Instascan Product Specification

Brand Esprit Digital

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