Eufy Alarm Accessories Kit, x3 Motion Sensors and x3 Entry Sensors

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Eufy Motion Sensors (x3)

Add extra protection to your home with the Eufy Motion Sensor. With the included battery providing up to 2 years of power for round-the-clock security, and motion detection within a 100° field of view up to 30 feet away, this bundle can complement your existing security set up and notify you of any motion straight on your phone.

Tailor the sensitivity of the motion sensor so that it only alerts when humans are in range - rather than the playful pet dog or cat.

Notifies you as soon as motion is detected, sending a message to your phone via the eufy Security app


Eufy Entry Sensors (x3)

Protect Your Doors and Windows from Break-Ins with eufy Security Entry Sensor. Once a window or door is ajar by 1.5 inch, an alert will be sent to your smartphone, and a 100-decibel siren will go off on the HomeBase (can be disabled).

Please note: requires Homebase

    • Eufy Motion Sensors (x3)
    • Features
    • Installs in seconds
    • 2-year battery life
    • Adjustable sensitivity
    • Alerts HomeBase when motion is detected
    • 100° Motion coverage
    • Eufy Entry Sensors (x3)
    • 2-YEAR BATTERY LIFE: One CR-123A battery provides monitoring for 730 days.
    • FOR DOORS AND WINDOWS: Small and compact design fits onto any door or window frame.
    • 100-DECIBEL SIREN: If a forced entry is detected, a siren as loud as a jackhammer will be triggered on HomeBase, and you’ll be notified instantly on your smartphone.
    • EASY INSTALLATION: Just peel off the mounting tape and stick the sensor onto the door or window you want to monitor.
    • Please note:

Brand Eufy
Type Alarm AccessoriesEntry SensorsMotion Sensors

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