Goss Outdoors Electric Pars Plus Awning 6m Wide with 3.5m Projection - Delivered

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The Pars Cassette series system comes retractable and ready to mount with your chosen fabric.

Featuring a motorised operation with remote control, including a Somfy vibration sensor as standard.

Quality Fabric

Featuring top quality marine grade fabrics, made by the Sattler Group - a family-owned firm founded in 1875, headquartered in Austria with worldwide operations.

The premium fabric is made from 100% solution-dyed branded acrylic, guaranteeing top-level functionality and outstanding UV protection. Resisting colour fading, the fabric will not break down even after years of exposure to the sun.

Sattler fabric benefits from TEXgard technology providing easy clean, high quality and long lasting protection for your awning fabric. Sattler proprietary coating prevents permeation by water, humidity and dirt - thus supporting a self cleaning effect. Dirt pearls roll down the surface like water drops on leaves.

What’s more, fabrics are tested for UV protection to the UV 801 standard. This means fabrics are exposed to extreme conditions and determined if the fabric keeps its durability promise over the years. Depending on the choice of fabric, you’ll have two options:

Motor by Somfy

The Goss Pars Awning features a Somfy Orea motor which has been specifically designed for use with full cassette awning systems.

The motor incorporates an automatic shut off function when the cassette closes upon full retraction. This ensures the cassette closes smoothly and keeps the fabric protected and taut.

The Orea RTS has an integral RTS radio receiver providing for simple set up and operation.

Vibration Sensors as Standard

Featuring the Somfy Eolis 3D WireFree RTS Vibration Sensor, strains on your Awning from wind are measured to protect your Awning from damage.

Unobtrusive and compact, with long-life batteries (5+ years, 2xAAA batteries), the Vibration Sensor retracts your awning based on the measured wind speed (adjustable using a potentiometer).

Goss Outdoor Awnings add a touch of luxury to your home. Perfect for those Sunny Spring and Summer days and evening chill outs, the Goss Awnings Pars Cassette provides excellent sun protection making a comfortable area to sit under with friends and family.

    • Remote
    • Where Installation option is chosen, Survey and Installation by Goss Engineers
    • Delivery
    • Package Includes:
    • Warranty: 5 Years Parts and Service
    • Somfy Motor and Vibration Sensor
    • UV Protection
    • TEXgard proprietary technology supports self-cleaning
    • 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic fabric made by Sattler
    • Choice of 4 colours
    • Features and Benefits:
    • Vibration Sensors as Standard
    • 20 meter reception range through 2 concrete walls
    • Integra RTS radio receiver compatible with a wide range of controls and sensors
    • Motor by Somfy
    • UV 40 - Blocks 97.5% of UV radiation
    • UV 80 - Blocks 98.75% of UV radiation
    • Quality Fabric
    • Ordering Guide
    • On Site Expectations
    • Frame Swatch
    • Fabric Swatch
    • 5 Year Parts and Service Warranty by Goss Outdoors
    • Retractabale Motor and Wind Sensor made by Somfy
    • TEXgard Proprietary Technology keeps your Awning free from water, humidity and dirt
    • 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric made by Sattler

Warranty 5 Years Parts and Service