Hisense DHGE8013, 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, A+++ Rated in White

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EAN: 3838782483769

Pre-determine when you would like the dryer to start, either when it is more convenient for you, or set it for a time when it is cheaper to run, like through the night. The items will be dried to the previously set level.

Start Delay to dry when you want to

Conveniently placed on the door, this filter is easy to reach and clean. Simply wash the filter under running water.

Easy clean filter

Freshen up your clothes in just 30 minutes with Air Refresh - removing any odours from sport or dinner so your clothes are ready to wear again, without the need for washing.

Give your clothes a quick refresh.

Boasting one of the largest porthole doors on the market. Super easy and convenient for loading and unloading the tumble dryer.

Easy loading door

Thanks to this bi-directional air distribution system, the air is moved in different directions inside the drum, making sure that even the largest of items are evenly dried and less creased.

Twin Flow air for fewer creases

Offering better protection for your clothes, this model uses heat pump technology to constantly recycle hot air, saving you both energy and money. With an A++ energy rating, this dryer is really efficient and uses a lower temperature to dry the laundry, in turn being kinder and more gentle on the load.

Heat Pump Technology

This Hisense heat pump tumble dryer will make light work of your chores. It has an 8kg drum capacity, so it can easily handle the laundry in a medium-sized household. It's also more energy-efficient because it uses Heat Pump technology to evaporate moisture from your clothes by recycling the hot air inside.

    • Bedding
    • 90 Minute Dry
    • 60 Minute Dry
    • 30 Minute Dry
    • Shirts
    • Sports Wear
    • Baby Care
    • Down Wear
    • Air Refresh
    • Delicates
    • Wool
    • Mix Iron
    • Mix Storage (Cupboard dry)
    • Cotton Iron
    • Cotton Standard
    • Cotton Storage (Cupboard dry)
    • Programmes:
    • Adjustable Feet
    • 180° Door Opening Angle
    • Dryer Modes
    • Personal Settings for all Programs
    • Easy Filter Cleaning
    • Dryness Level Setting
    • LED Display
    • Anticrease
    • Audio End of Program
    • Lockable Control Panel
    • 16 Programmes
    • Features:
    • Start Delay to dry when you want to
    • Easy clean filter
    • Give your clothes a quick refresh.
    • Easy loading door
    • Twin Flow air for fewer creases
    • Heat Pump Technology

Programmes 16
Digital Display Yes
Time Delay Yes
Annual Energy Consumption 176.5 kWh per year
Noise Level 65 dB
Colour White
Brand Hisense
Energy Rating A+++
Type Heat Pump Dryer
Dimensions H 85.0 x W 60.0 x D 62.5 cm
Weight 50.5kg
Fit Type Freestanding
Load Capacity 8kg
Width 50cm - 60cm
Height 80cm - 90cm

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