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Hot Tub Master Cloud Stream 40-Jet 6 Person Hot Tub - Delivered and Installed

SKU: 306672

£4,679.99 £5,399.99

The Blue Whale Spa Cloud Stream hot tub has 40 hydrotherapy jets generously placed in the hot tub seats, with jets in various positions this allows each user to experience an entirely different massage sensation. As well as jets for the back, legs and thighs, there are also 2 foot massage jets in the footwell of the tub and 2 more foot massage jets at the end of the long comfortable lounger seat. Air valves placed around the rim of the spa enable each user to have control over the strength of each seat’s individual performance, while 21 colour changing LED lights further enhance the relaxation possibilities of this superb 1 lounger, 5 seats, 13 Amp hot tub.



  • Seating for 6 with 40 hydrotherapy jets
  • 2 x exclusive Storm Force 7 jet pumps
  • User-friendly Balboa control systems
  • 7  illuminated fountains
  • 21 LED lights around the waterline and in the LED backlit fountains
  • 5 hydro massage seats and 1 comfortable lounger seat
  • 2 kW Balboa heater
  • 4 air valves to adjust the massage strength
  • Double insulation to ensure energy efficiency; high density polyurethane foam sprayed on the tub shell and an ABS tub base, provide the best insulation
  • Cloudy white shell colour with grey side panels
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Requires 230V/13Amp RCD protected power supply (not included)

Please also note standard delivery does not include crane hire or the closing of any roads. If you have any queries or what is included in the standard delivery please call Hot Tub Master's customer helpline: 0115 954 8888


N.B. This product can be powered by a domestic 13 Amp supply, but does not come with a cable and plug, the customer does need to provide a suitable cable, with plug attached, long enough to go from their power source across the floor and around the tub to where they require the control panel to be and we can connect the tub to this cable during installation.

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