Installed Daikin 3.5kW Single Split Air Conditioner, Model FTXM35R

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Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms or small offices, the Daikin air conditioner is equipped with the advanced cooling and heating functions to provide ideal comfort for your home or office environment.

Usable all-year round, with Heat Boost mode, the space is warmed up rapidly as the set temperature is reached 14% faster when compared with common air conditioners.

Intelligent Eye Sensor

2-area Intelligent Eye sensor motion detection, detects if the room is empty and automatically switches to economy mode to save energy. Once it detects people in the room, it will automatically restart to provide effortless cooling.

What’s more. When people are detected in the room, the sensor will direct air-flow away from them to create a comfortable environment without harsh cooling focused on single spots.

Smart Control

The FTXM range is equipped with an infra-red remote control with a 7 day timer, allowing you to programme for 7 days with 4 different actions per day.

Alternatively the units can be controlled via smart-phone using the Online Controller, Alexa or Google Home.

Flash Streamer Technology

The patented flash streamer technology uses electrons to trigger a chemical reaction with airborne particles in the room, and breaks down allergens such as pollen and fungal spores.

These units are also fitted with a Titanium apatite filter which eliminates odours (such as from tobacco and pets) to provide a cleaner and healthier air environment.

Package Includes


Indoor Unit

Outdoor Unit


    • Technical Drawings
    • Step by Step Ordering Guide
    • Preparation Guide
    • Pre Installation Questionnaire
    • Intelligent Eye Sensor
    • Smart Control
    • Flash Streamer Technology
    • Package Includes
    • Daikin 3.5kW FTXM35R Air Conditioner
    • Virtual Survey
    • Installation by a Fully Qualified F-Gas Engineer
    • 5 Year Parts Warranty
    • 15m of copper and cable
    • Additional R32 Refrigerant (where going over 7.5m)
    • Condensate pumps included where required
    • First Annual Service
    • Specification
    • Type: Single System
    • Operating Mode: Heating and Cooling
    • Refrigerant Type: R32
    • SEER: A+++
    • Voltage: 230v
    • Warranty: 5 Year Parts Warranty (subject to servicing the product every ye Members)
    • Indoor Unit
    • Cooling Capacity: 3.5kW
    • Annual Energy Consumption (Cooling): 138kWh/a
    • Annual Energy Consumption (Heating): 687kWh/a
    • Sound Level: 19dB(A) (with quiet mode)
    • Dimensions: H29.5 x W77.8 x D27 cm
    • Weight: 12kg
    • Outdoor Unit
    • Dimensions: H55 x W76 x D28.5 cm
    • Weight: 32kg
    • Please note:
    • A 13-amp power supply, terminating at a weatherproof rotary isolator within one metre and preferably to the right of the desired location of the outdoor unit should also be installed. This will need to be done by a qualified electrican and is not included in the cost.
    • Please allow for 100mm space behind and to the side of the Outdoor Unit. Please allow for 1000mm space to the front of the outdoor unit.
    • The Outdoor unit can be sited on rubber blocks at ground level or on brackets at a maximum height of 3 metres. Rubber blocks or Brackets are supplied where required, within the price displayed.
    • The indoor and outdoor units must be within 15 metres of each other.
    • Price does not include removal of old system or existing pipework. This will need to be done before delivery of this item.


Annual Energy Consumption (Cooling) 138kWh/a
Annual Energy Consumption (Heating) 687kWh/a
Cooling Capacity 3.5kW
Dimensions H29.5 x W77.8 x D27 cm
Operating Mode Heating and Cooling
Refrigerant Type R32
Sound Level 19dB(A) (with quiet mode)
Type Single System
Voltage 230v
Weight 12kg


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