Installed Matrix Connexus Compact Training System

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The Connexus Compact Training System allows you to build strength, power, and mobility. Included are two height-adjustable training handles, a hinged med ball target for explosive throwing exercises, a ergonomically sound pull-up bar, a landmine attachment, base anchor and integrated accessory storage space. Height-adjustable training handles offer easy accessory attachment and accommodate multiple resistance bands for quick transitions and efficient progressions.

Fitted with a pull-up bar featuring neutral-position comfort grip to accommodate a wide variety of users, the bar can also serve as a battle rope anchor point for high pulls. Chrome-plated landmine attachment allows you to incorporate more explosive power training into programming. Included is a chrome-plated base anchor offering a convenient attachment point for battle ropes and resistance bands. The durable hinged med ball target facilitates explosive throwing exercises to enhance power training programs, and easily folds out of the way for access to the unit’s integrated accessory storage space.

    • Features:
    • Height-adjustable training handles
    • Hinged med ball target for explosive throwing exercises
    • Ergonomically sound pull-up bar
    • Chrome plated landmine attachment
    • Base anchor
    • Integrated accessory storage space
    • Dimensions: L 82 x W 165 x H 240 cm
    • Weight: 205 kg
    • The Connexus Compact Training System Includes:
    • 2 x Training handles
    • Hinged med ball target
    • Pull-up bar
    • Landmine attachment
    • Integrated accessory storage

Brand Matrix
Colour Black
Dimensions L 82 x W 165x H 240 cm
Installation Included Yes
Type Commercial Gym
Weight 205 kg

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