Kelkay 8-12mm Classic White Gravel Chipping Aggregate Bulk Bag - Approx. 750kg Decorative Stones & Bark

SKU: 66446413


This bulk bag of Classic White Gravel Chippings from Kelkay creates an easy way to transform your garden in minutes. Ideal for paths, driveways, ground cover and mulch, they help to keep weeds down and are great for security too.


N.B Aggregates are natural products and some size and colour variations may occur due to geological and processing variations (occasionally this can be significant). The bulk bags are stored outside in the open elements so occasionally may need hosing down once laid to show their natural colour.

    • 8-12mm White Dolomite Spar
    • Each 750kg bag covers approx. 11.5 square metres if it is evenly spread at approximately 40mm (just over 1.5 inches) deep - calculations are intended as a guide only and will vary depending on material used and ground conditions.
    • Win the war on weeds: by preventing weeds from access to sun, it helps keep them down
    • Great for security: keep your home safe and secure, especially if you have a dog as they can hear the crunch as people approach your house
    • Bulk bag is delivered kerb side to your house, office or building site
    • N.B

Area Coverage 11.5m² (approximately)
Brand Kelkay
Colour White
Material Dolomite Spar
PebbleSize 8-12mm
Weight 750kg (approximately)

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