Kid O Bunk Camping Bunk Bed in Green

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Kid-O-Bunk™ from Disc-O-Bed™ offers a mobile sleep and seating solution for kids on the go, and they just love it!  Whether they are off to a sleepover, getting equipped for a camping holiday or simply going to visit grandparents for the weekend, your kids will be comfortable and guaranteed a good nights sleep. Originally invented for the Military the ready to go Kid-O-Bun k™ offers a supportive, comfortable sleeping solution all contained in a bag. The one person, no-tool, no-screw and no-bolt assembly is simple and quick to assemble, and even the kids will want to help. Assembly time is around 10-15 minutes and can be configured to two single beds side by side, or even as a sitting bench during the day. Where space is a premium the bunk configuration allows for 2 beds in the same footprint as just one!

    • Height from ground: 25cm
    • Space between costs: 46cm
    • Sleep Area: L 158 x W 70cm
    • Can be used as a bunk, singles or bench
    • Powder coated steel frame
    • Washable polyester fabric covers
    • Ideal for home use and camping
    • Easy to store and transport
    • Quick no tool assembly
    • Two beds in the space of one
    • Features:

Height from ground 25cm
Space between costs 46cm
Sleep Area L 158 x W 70cm

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