Knaap 2 Seater E-Bike in Matt Black

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Every bike is delivered with a user manual including easy-to-build-at-home instructions (including link to online guide), bike registration and warranty.

Easy Home Assembly

Top of the range brake system keeping your reflexes sharp and safe whilst out riding.

Knaap Hydraulic Brake System

A unique long seat base providing enough room for two adult passengers.

Two-Seater Seat Base

One of the world's leading e-bike motors that ensures a quiet but powerful ride of up to 25kmh (15.5mph) with five levels of power assist.

Rear Bafang Motor

Shimano's 7 speed gears enable you to glide through gear changes with comfort and ease.

Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift

Easy to plug and charge battery giving you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy an impressive assisted distance of up to 140 kilometres (87 miles) on one full charge. Full battery charge time is 4-6 hours.

36V 21Ah Samsung Battery

The tough urban design makes this bike stand out on the road. Complete with an extra-long seat-base, 20" wheels, tough aluminium frame, powerful 1200 lumen LED headlight and LCD illuminated display, this e-bike is a head turner and conversation starter whenever it hits the road.


It's 20 inch x 4 inch wheels deliver the road presence of a motorbike to other road users and the ability to ride straight over surfaces that traditional bikes would worry about. The Knaap e-bike has been designed to give you the ability to pick up not just speed and maintain it, but a second passenger so you can always keep company whilst riding.

With so much to shout about, it's easy to see why the bike is a big hit with cycling enthusiasts and urban riders alike. The Knaap 2 seater e-bike is one of the coolest e-bikes around, whether you are a street cruiser, an urban commuter or cranking out the miles around the UK's large towns and cities, this e-bike has everything you could want. As predictable the UK weather can be, the Knaap e-bike has been made to suit rainy conditions, therefore users do not need to worry if the weather decides to take a U-turn and pour down with rain.

The Knaap 2 Seater e-bike is a tough urban bike built for those seeking adventure on the open road. The Knaap e-bike is revolutionising rides and standing out on the roads with its unique combination of e-bike features and cool-as-hell design making it a high roller in both spec and style. Knaap Bikes are a Dutch e-bike brand, standing out from the crowd with its urban design and unique two-seater base, the Knaap e-bike provides a one-of-a-kind ride, roomy enough for two. Complementing the bikes stand-out design is the well thought out spec providing the power to reach up to 25 km/h (15.5mph). Boasting one of the largest batteries in the e-bike industry, riders can cruise 140 kilometres (87 miles) in one charge, without the need of a licence. Two riders can enjoy up to 48 kilometres (30 miles).

    • Total range: 140km / 87mi
    • Max speed: 25kmh / 15.5mph
    • Load capacity: 180kg
    • Weight: 28kg
    • Boxed dimensions: L 147 x H 88 x W 25 cm
    • Handlebar length: 68cm
    • Seat height: 83cm, adjustable with seat height accessory
    • 20" wheel diameter
    • 250w Bafang motor to fall in line with e-bike road regulations
    • 36V 21Ah Samsung battery
    • Zero emissions
    • Fully rain sustainable
    • Powerful 1200 lumen LED headlight
    • Illuminated LCD display
    • Two-seater seat base
    • Knaap hydraulic brake system
    • Shimano 7 speed gear system
    • Features:
    • Easy Home Assembly
    • Knaap Hydraulic Brake System
    • Two-Seater Seat Base
    • Rear Bafang Motor
    • Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift
    • 36V 21Ah Samsung Battery
    • Style

Colour Space Grey
Brand Knaap
Material Aluminium
Type E-Bike
Weight 28 kg
Number Of Gears Shimano 7 Speed
Brakeset Knaap Hydraulic Brakes
Handlebars 68cm
Tyres 20" Wheels
Handlebar length 68cm
Boxed dimensions L 147 x H 88 x W 25 cm
Load capacity 180kg
Max speed 25kmh / 15.5mph
Total range 140km / 87mi