Lifetime 7ft x 9ft 6" (2.1x 2.9m) Rough Cut Storage Shed sale

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Lifetime's 7-foot wide Outdoor Storage Sheds have several innovative features, including a skylight that runs the entire length of the roof to maximize natural lighting. They also include single-hinged double doors that open nearly 180 degrees and locks closed, a slip-resistant polyethylene floor, and low-maintenance, steel-reinforced construction.

The large and easily accessible double door has high impact handles with metal slider latch and full length galvanised steel hinge pins, plus an exterior padlock loop with two deadbolts on the interior of the left door for added security and peace of mind. The walls are constructed from steel reinforced dual-wall polyethylene panels, while the roof is constructed from dual-wall polyethylene panels with heavy duty steel trusses to provide additional roof strength and to survive the elements for many years.

The wood grain floor is constructed from slip resistant dual-wall polyethylene to maintain durability, while the ridge skylight will provide added interior light, plus two screened vents will provide improved ventilation. The shed is UV protected from fading and cracking and comes with a high-impact polyethylene floor that is resistant to stains and solvents.

N.B. Please note a cement foundation is required.

Please check full contents, footprint and measurements before installation. If you are enlisting the help of a third party to install this product, please ensure that all contents have been received in full and undamaged prior to arranging and paying for installation to take place. Accessories are not included.


    • Assembly Instructions
    • Attractive appearance and design
    • Customizable shelving and storage system
    • Dual-wall high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction
    • Heavy-duty steel trusses provide additional roof strength
    • High-pitched roof allows for quick drainage of rain and snow
    • Lockable steel-reinforced doors for added security
    • Low maintenance design
    • Slip-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) floor protects against oil, solvents, and stains
    • UV protected to prevent weather damage
    • Assembly: Secure-Fastened Assembly with High-Grade Metal Screws
    • Cubic feet: 496.7³ ft (14.1 m³)
    • Door handle: high-impact handles with metal latch
    • Door hinges: full-length galvanized steel hinge pins
    • Door locking: exterior padlock loop with two deadbolts on interior of left door
    • Door opening dimensions:  H 191.7 x W 137.7 cm
    • Door structure: steel-reinforced polyethylene
    • Eave depth: 5.08 cm
    • Exterior dimensions: H 227 x W 275 x D 204 cm
    • Exterior roof dimensions: W 218.5 x D 283.5 cm
    • Floor structure: slip-resistant dual-wall polyethylene
    • Footprint: W 2.06 x D 2.80 m
    • Interior dimensions: H 178 - 224 x W 270 x  D 198 cm
    • Interior headroom: 1.97 m
    • Materials of construction: powder-coated steel and high-density polyethylene
    • Max wind resistance: 65 mph / 104.6 kph
    • Nominal dimensions: 7 ft. X 9 ft 6" (2.1 m x 2.9 m)
    • Roof pitch: 5:12
    • Roof structure: dual-wall polyethylene panels
    • Roof support trusses: two steel a-frame trusses
    • Screened vents: two screened vents
    • Shelves: two corner shelves – 24 cm Radius + one W 76 x D 25 cm shelf
    • Square feet: 57.5 ft² (5.346 m²)
    • Tool corral compatible: no
    • Wall structure: steel-reinforced dual-wall polyethylene panels
    • Windows: 2 x  H 31 x W 58 cm polycarbonate windows – open half-way
    • N.B.


Brand Lifetime
Colour Grey
Cubic feet 496.7³ ft (14.1 m³)
Door handle High-impact handles with metal latch
Door opening dimensions H 191.7 x W 137.7 cm
Door structure Steel-reinforced polyethylene
Eave depth 5.08 cm
Exterior dimensions H 227 x W 275 x D 204 cm
Exterior roof dimensions W 218.5 x D 283.5 cm
External Dimensions H 227 x W 275 x D 204 cm
Floor/Base Included Yes
Footprint W 2.06 x D 2.80 m
Installation Included No
Interior headroom 1.97 m
Internal Dimensions H 178 - 224 x W 270 x D 198 cm
Material Plastic
Max wind resistance 65 mph / 104.6 kph
Roof structure Dual-wall polyethylene panels
Roof support trusses Two steel a-frame trusses
Screened vents Two screened vents
Shelves Included Yes
Size 7ft x 9ft 6"
Square feet 57.5 ft² (5.346 m²)
Tool corral compatible No
Type Plastic Shed
Weight 193kg
Window Yes


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