Meaco MeacoCool MC Series 9K BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Heater with Remote Control, 9000BTU

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The MeacoCool family of portable air conditioners are designed for use in the home or the office to provide personal comfort cooling during the summer months.

The air conditioners work by drawing the warm humid air from the room over a cold surface which cools and dries the air simultaneously. The cold air is blown out of the front of the portable air conditioner whilst the warm, humid air is expelled from the space via a 1.8m long exhaust duct.

Removing the hot, humid air from the room reduces the relative humidity which means you have less of the sticky feeling that makes it hard for us to feel cool and comfortable during the summer months.

The big advantage of the MeacoCool range is its smaller, lighter and more compact size making it easier to fit within a room and to move from space to space.

The remote control allows you to change the settings without having to get up to the unit, while a window kit makes the cooling more efficient. In low fan speed the sound pressure level of 53dB(A) makes this an easier unit to live with.

To get the best out of your air conditioner we recommend pre-cooling rooms, before you need to use them, so that the room is nice and cool when you enter. In the case of a bedroom this makes it easier to get a good night’s sleep. You can do this more easily using the air conditioner’s On Timer.

The Sleep Mode keeps the unit in low fan speed to ensure the lowest possible noise level, you can combine this with the Off Timer to ensure that you do not wake up cold during the night.

An additional feature included is the MeacoCool MC Series 9000BTU can also be used as a heater.


  • Energy Rating B – helping to keep your bills down
  • Suitable for rooms between 16-26m²
  • Removes humidity by drying the air as it cools 
  • 6 modes for easy and comfortable control

What's in the box

  • 9000BTU Air conditioner
  • Remote control

Model: 9000BTU
EAN: 5060409600657

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