Molten ACENTEC® Vantaggio Bonded Construction PU Leather Match Footbal

SKU: 66444936


This Molten Match Football has the signature Vantaggio design. It is fully bonded and its excellent health and safety features make this ball perfect for schools and clubs.

There is no water absorption, so the ball maintains at a constant weight even when wet. The match ball features maximum abrasion resistance and a high gloss non-stick surface. This seamless surface is made for superior ball control.

    • Features:
    • Size 5 football
    • Fully bonded match football using ACENTEC® technology
    • Made from PU leather
    • Excellent health and safety features makes this ball perfect for schools and clubs
    • No water absorption so ball maintains constant weight even when wet
    • Maximum abrasion resistance
    • High gloss non-stick surface
    • Seamless for ultimate ball control
    • Signature Vantaggio design
    • Comes in a pack of 3 (partly inflated)

Brand Molten
Type Football

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