MX SELECT MX30 Adjustable Dumbbells 3.4-13.9kg with Weight Cradles

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The optional MX Dumbbell Floor Stand elevates the dumbbells to provide the sleek and simple look of a professional training studio.

One pair of MX30 Dumbbells replaces a conventional 10-pair dumbbell set, taking up only one-tenth of the space. Safe, convenient, accurate and space-efficient, the MX30 Rapid Change Dumbbell system is a perfect addition to any home workout area. The MX Select has antimicrobial contoured handles which offers surface protection against bacteria, mould, mildew and other hazardous microbes.

The MX30 Rapid Change Dumbbell system, features a unique MX Select patented rack and pinion selection system: compact size, balanced feet and totally secure. With the MX30 Dumbbell system cradled you select the weight from 3.4 to 13.9kg (7.5 - 30lb) at the turn of a dial. The selected weight level is locked into place as soon as the selector dial is pushed home.

    • Features:
    • MX SELECT patented rack and pinion system
    • Compact in size for convenience
    • Lock system and selector dial
    • Weight legend
    • Weight selector release button
    • MX handset cradle feet
    • MX patented handset cradle
    • Weight range: 3.4 - 13.9kg (7.5 - 30lb)
    • Dumbbell minimum length: 24.3 cm
    • Dumbbell maximum length: 40.5cm
    • Grip length: 13.5 cm (5.31”)
    • Grip diameter: 3.27 cm (1.29”)
    • Dimensions: L 40.1 x W 32.8 x H 16.9 cm
    • Total weight: 29.9 kg (142 lbs)
    • Dumbbell body: Steel
    • Dumbbell grip: Antimicrobial contoured grips
    • Weight plates: Steel coated in polyanide nylon
    • Handset mechanism: Steel and ABS
    • Weight Rack and Cradle: Powder coated steel

Weight Rack and Cradle Powder coated steel
Handset mechanism Steel and ABS
Weight plates Steel coated in polyanide nylon
Dumbbell grip Antimicrobial contoured grips
Dumbbell body Steel
Total weight 29.9 kg (142 lbs)
Grip diameter 3.27 cm (1.29”)
Grip length 13.5 cm (5.31”)
Dumbbell maximum length 40.5cm
Dumbbell minimum length 24.3 cm
Weight range 3.4 - 13.9kg (7.5 - 30lb)
Weight 36 kg
Dimensions L 40.1 x W 32.8 x H 16.9 cm
Type Dumbbell Set
Material Steel
Colour Black