Nilfisk Premium 180-10 Power X-Tra Pressure Washer

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The Nilfisk Premium 180-10 Power X-Tra Pressure Washer is the most powerful pressure washer in the Nilfisk domestic range, and comes assembled in the box; just add the gun, lance and nozzle of your choice!

Outstanding features include a flow regulator, making it easy to match the pressure to the task required, and an internal detergent system that can also be regulated to control the amount of detergent used. A 10m steel-armoured high-pressure hose stored on a through feed hose reel and a telescopic handle make for easy storage.

The 2,900-watt induction motor with a metal pump produces a maximum pressure of 180 bar and an operating pressure of 140 bar, more than enough for any domestic cleaning job, yet it's relatively quiet with a sound pressure level of 80.3 dB(A) and a sound power level of 92 dB(A).

The 10m hose and 5m electrical cable give a large cleaning radius of 15m that can also be operated from a static water supply such as a garden water butt tap.

With standard accessories including 2 nozzles, an internal detergent system, a power patio cleaner, make this a pressure washer suitable for all heavy-duty domestic cleaning

The automatic start/stop system along with a metal pump makes this a reliable product, worthy of its 24-month domestic use warranty.

Warranty: 2-Year Manufacturers Domestic Warranty


    • Assembly Instructions
    • Product Specification
    • Power Patio User Manual
    • Features:
    • Quick-release hose from the handgun
    • Highly mobile trolley design
    • Full control adjustable fan jet nozzle provides the right level of power for the job
    • Rotating pencil jet nozzle for tougher jobs
    • Standard accessory storage on the unit
    • Reliable aluminium pump for long life operation
    • Water inlet filter preventing debris from entering the pump
    • Auto-stop/start protecting the motor & saving water
    • Warranty:
    • Includes:
    • Power patio cleaner
    • Internal detergent application system
    • “Gentle” full control adjustable fan jet nozzle
    • “Rough” rotating pencil jet nozzle
    • Extension lance
    • Low-pressure G5 trigger gun with quick connection and swivel
    • 10m steel armoured superflex high-pressure hose
    • Integral through feed hose storage reel
    • Telescopic aluminium handle
    • 5m electrical cable
    • Male 1/2" push-fit hose pipe connector
    • Pre-fitted water inlet filter
    • Nozzle cleaning tool
    • Specifications:
    • Max Bar Pressure: 180 bar
    • Max Water Flow: 610l/h
    • Motor Size: 2900W
    • Max Flow Temperature: 60°C
    • Cable Length: 5M
    • Hose Length: 10M
    • Weight: 26.8kg


Weight 26.8kg
Type Pressure Washer
Power 2900W
Motor Size 2900W
Maximum Pressure 180 bar
Max Water Flow 610l/h
Max Flow Temperature 60°C
Max Bar Pressure 180 bar
Hose Length 10M
Flow Rate 610l/h
Colour Blue
Cable Length 5M
Brand Nilfisk


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