OFYR Island Pro 100 Corten Fire Bowl with Dark Grey Ceramic Block + Two Piece Gr

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Some assembly is required and it is recommended that 2 people are present due to the weight of the components.

The Island PRO comes equiped with a solid ceramic chopping board for food preparation, handy accesories tray and 0.4m³ of under-counter wood storage. It is also fitted with castor wheels for ease of movement.

The OFYR Island Pro features a gorgeous corten steel construction, weathered with a durable patina that will only become more beautiful in time. The sloped cooking plate will easily cater to a large party, and minimises clean-up by ensuring that excess fats and juices from your food simply disappear into the fire. This has the added benefit of ensuring that the meals are lean and healthy too.

By turning the act of cooking into an act of theatre, the OFYR redefines the way we eat and socialise outdoors. With its use of rugged, industrial materials and an architectural aesthetic, the OFYR is apreciated by both gourmet chefs and interior designers. It's an adventurous way to prepare delicious meals with your loved ones. Whether you're serving Spanish tapas in the sun, or enjoying a warming mug of mulled wine over the festive period, the OFYR makes cooking in the garden an absolute treat.

    • Weight: 174kg
    • Base dimensions: H 73 x W 135 x D 65 cm
    • Overall dimensions: H 102 x W 170 x D 100 cm
    • Solid ceramic chopping board plus accessories tray
    • Rugged construction
    • Castor wheels for mobility
    • Architectural design
    • Clever design ensures the cooking plate is hotter towards the centre and cooler towards the edge, for better management of the cooking temperature
    • 100cm sloped steel cooking plate
    • Central fire pit, designed for use with wood or charcoal
    • 0.4m³ wood storage capacity
    • Made from weathered Corten Steel
    • Features:
    • Custom grill
    • Corten Steel Fireplace
    • Set includes:

Base dimensions H 73 x W 135 x D 65 cm
Overall dimensions H 102 x W 170 x D 100 cm
Weight 174kg
Dimensions H 102 x W 170 x D 100 cm
Type Fireplace
Material Corten Steel
Brand OFYR

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