Oven Mate Clean & Protect Premium Kit, 5 Pieces

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A selection of five award-winning Oven Mate deep cleaning products for your oven and microwave.

Oven Cleaning Kit, 500mlWhich Magazine and Good Housekeeping award winning Oven Mate cleaning gel is a powerful cleaner that removes the most stubborn baked on grease, oil and fat. So easy to use with no scrubbing required and odour free. Simply paint on the gel to clean ovens, racks, grills and BBQs. Each kit includes a 500ml bottle of Oven Mate Gel, a brush for easy application and pair of protective gloves.

Just for Racks Cleaning Kit, 500mlUniquely formulated to cut through grease and burnt on grime and food, leaving oven racks, BBQ racks and non-coated baking trays like new. No need to scrub, simply pour over racks in the bag and rinse off. Enough formulation for 2 cleans.

Microwave Steam Clean Wipes, 25 PackDeveloped to make light work of cleaning the microwave. The unique formulation works with the power of your microwave to clean, deodorize and disinfect, while the antibacterial formula ensures no nasty bacteria are left in your microwave.

Grill Gremlin Scourers, 2 PackThe ultimate scourer for oven, grill and BBQ racks with a unique and clever design which moulds to any rack for an all round clean, five bars at a time. The anti scratch, woven coating removes baked-on grime, and the flat pad removes stubborn stains.

Extra Thick Oven Liner, L 40 x W 50 cmCoated with Teflon meaning they are non-stick and reusable. Heavy grade material gives a long life and is suitable for use in both fan assisted and convection ovens up to 260°C.

    • Oven Cleaning Kit, 500ml
    • Just for Racks Cleaning Kit, 500ml
    • Microwave Steam Clean Wipes, 25 Pack
    • Grill Gremlin Scourers, 2 Pack
    • Extra Thick Oven Liner,

Brand Oven Mate
Type Cleaning Products

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