Pabobo Stars Night Light Projector With Music PB1070 (0+ Months)Pabobo Stars Night Light Projector With Music PB1070 (0+ Months)

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The Pabobo musical stars projector creates a beautiful starry sky on the bedroom ceiling to soothe children. Colours automatically fade from blue to green to orange or parents can freeze an individual colour if they prefer. Musically the stars projector can also play a specially designed Pabobo lullaby at two sound levels.

Completely cordless, the Pabobo musical stars projector can be placed everywhere.Thanks to its size, parents can easily pack it for the weekend or holiday, to keep their little one’s sleep routine.

Designed to be handled by toddlers and really simply to use with only two buttons, the musical stars projector is also economical and useful for parents by turning off automatically after 22 minutes of projections, or 15 minutes of music if activated.

This device is battery operated which requires 3 AA/LR6 (batteries not include)


  • Soothing: Projects a pretty starry sky with changing colors on the bedroom ceiling (or choose between blue, green, or orange projections)
  • Musical: A gentle lullaby to help your child fall asleep
  • Smart: Choose between 3 modes: projections, music or both music and projections together!
  • Portable: Cordless, you can put it anywhere
  • Energy-saving: Turns off automatically after 22 minutes (with 15 minutes of music if activated)
  • Bright idea by Pabobo: Rechargeable with more than a week of operation
  • Battery operated requires 3 AA/LR6 (batteries not include) 


Model: PB1070
EAN: 3760125262000

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