Pangea 4ft 6" (137.2cm) Buffalo Ornamental Metal Structure - Life Size

SKU: 66444593


The buffalo is a humble and unassuming creature and its size and stature are captured beautifully in this life-size sculpture. Its large and droopy ears and beautifully crafted curved horns give real character to the face of the sculpture and draw the observer in for closer inspection. Mainly constructed out of substantial pieces of recycled metal, smaller strips are used to depict hairs along its back and tail. Its significant size means that it works well as a single sculpture, although it would look truly magnificent as part of a group where space allows.

All sculptures are beautifully handcrafted by our team of artists in Kenya. Each piece is made from recycled metal using oil drums and car parts. The sculpting process begins when a wire framework is created. Selected pieces of metal are then welded to the frame to build up the sculpture. The completed sculptures are hand finished in the UK using a lacquer. Sculptures are lacquered to protect them from the environment if placed outside. The lacquer applied will give the product and extended product life of between 9-12 months depending on weather conditions.
  • Crafted from recycled metal and welded to a wire frame
  • Hand made to create a unique sculpture
  • Hand finished in the UK using a lacquer
  • Made in Kenya
  • Box Dimensions: H 140 x W 120 x D 240 cm
Please Note: If a sculpture is going to be placed outdoors, regular care and maintenance is necessary to retain the original finish. Lacquer used on the sculptures is available to purchase from Pangea Sculptures in store or online. Pangea Sculptures does not recommend that any sculpture should be sat in water. It is the member's responsibility to maintain the finish on the sculpture. Ground fixings can be purchased from Pangea Sculptures should you decide to locate your sculpture outdoors and require such fixings. Please contact 
Sculptures are designed as ornamental features and not as toys and so are not suitable for riding or climbing on. Sculptures are not recommended for children as they may have sharp parts such as tusks, horns, teeth, and claws. We recommend that children are supervised around a sculpture at all times.

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