Pro-Swim 4 x 1kg Spa Bromine Granules

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Please note: Hot Tub not included

Please note: As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be followed extremely carefully.

The Pro-Swim Hot Tub and Pool Bromine Granules Chemical Kit will help you to sanitise your hot tub quickly and easily, allowing you to have a peace of mind with the cleanliness of your water. It is ideal for maintaining your hot tub or pool and will provide you with the safest spa experience.

    • Features:
    • Kills potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms
    • Helps protect and prolong the life of your hot tub
    • This chemical kit can also be used to treat your pool water
    • 4 x 1kg Bromine granules
    • As a guide, this kit should last approximately 2-3 months
    • Please note:

Type Chemical Kit
Brand Pro-Swim