Pro-Swim 5 x 1kg Spa Chlorine Granules and 150 Test Strips

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Please note: Hot Tub not included

Please note: As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be followed extremely carefully.

This Chemical kit contains 5 x 1kg of Chlorine granules and also 3 individual bottles of test strips. There are 50 strips per bottle therefore 150 strips in total. These strips test the levels of chlorine, alkalinity and pH to help give you the safest spa experience. All it takes is a two second dip and a quick shake for instant results.

The Pro-Swim Hot Tub and Pool Silver Plus Refill Chemical Kit will help you to sanitise your hot tub quickly and easily, allowing you to have a peace of mind with the cleanliness of your water. It is ideal for maintaining your hot tub or pool and will provide you with the safest spa experience.

    • Please note:
    • As a guide, this kit should last approximately 3-4 months
    • This chemical kit can also be used to treat your pool water
    • Helps protect and prolong the life of your hot tub
    • 3 x Bottles of test strips - 50 strips per bottle
    • 5 x 1kg Chlorine granules
    • Features:

Type Chemical Kit
Brand Pro-Swim