QUICKPLAY 24kg Neoprene Dumbbell Set with Rack

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The QUICKPLAY 24kg Neoprene dumbbell set with rack is the perfect addition to your home gym. Get toned, fit and healthy with this small, smart and simple dumbbell set that allows its users to focus on small weighted workouts. This set is great for new starters and can be utilised for toning your arms and they are easy to grip and carry, making them a convenient set of weights. Included is a dumbbell rack, making storage easy while the soft neoprene coating on these dumbbells are gentle on your hands. This QUICKPLAY 24kg Neoprene dumbbell set is made at the ideal weight intervals for home workouts to get you feeling strong and toned.

    • 24 kg weight set
    • Easy storage rack
    • Soft neoprene coating
    • Ideal for home workouts
    • 2 x 2kg dumbbells
    • 2 x 4kg dumbbells
    • 2 x 6kg dumbbells
    • Storage rack

Weight 24 kg
Type Dumbbell Set