QUICKPLAY Golf Chipping Return Net Golf

SKU: 66444910


Repetition is the key to great form, and the QUICKPLAY Golf Chipping Return Net is the only net on the market that returns the ball, letting you repeat your chip quickly and easily. No more lining up new balls or collecting them. Simply chip the ball into the net and it rolls back to you for another go.

Quicker Repetitions for Quicker Improvement

Each time you hit the net the ball rolls back, so you can go again and reinforce good form.

Practice Different Trajectories

QUICKPLAY's unique adjustable angle you can work on more aspects of your chipping game.

Quickly and Easily Stored

The simple fold flat design means you are practicing or packed away in seconds.

Built to Last

The strong steel frame means you will get years of use.

Easy to Hit

80cm x 80cm so you miss less and practice more.

    • Quicker Repetitions for Quicker Improvement
    • Practice Different Trajectories
    • Quickly and Easily Stored
    • Built to Last
    • Easy to Hit
    • Features:
    • 80cm x 80cm
    • Simple fold flat design
    • Made with strong steel
    • Returns ball for ease

Brand Quickplay
Colour Black
Type Return Net

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