QUICKPLAY Pro 12 x 6ft Football Target Net

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The QUICKPLAY Pro Target Net is a design that provides hours of fun while improving shooting accuracy and goal awareness. Simply fit it to a goal and get started. Using a unique interchangeable colour coding system, the player must look at the various shot options then pick a colour to aim for. For coaches, you can move the colours around, so the player must look and think while on the ball to find the shot to take.

The design of the Pro Target Net means it rebounds missed shots, catches the ball when the shot is on target, and can be quickly fitted to any solid frame 12 x 6ft goal such as the QUICKPLAY Q-Fold 12 x 6ft.

Improves Any Players Shooting

Whether you are a Pro or a beginner, adult or child, if you want to improve your shooting, the Pro Target Net is built for you with various features to improve your game.

Improves Goal Awareness

Using Quickplay’s unique colour coding system, you have to look, pick a shot, then take it which builds excellent shooting habits.

More Time to Practice

When you miss, the ball rebounds for a second try. When you score you can just grab the ball from the pocket with no need to dig around in the back of the net as you have to with other targets.

Quick and Easy Attachment

A simple bungee attachment system means it takes under 2 minutes to be ready for shooting practice.

Fits Most Goals

As long as your goal has a solid goal mouth like plastic or metal, and is 12 x 6ft, the Pro Target Net will fit.

Built to Last

Made to be suitable for Pro clubs, you will get years of use from your Pro Target Net.

    • Improves Any Players Shooting
    • Improves Goal Awareness
    • More Time to Practice
    • Quick and Easy Attachment
    • Fits Most Goals
    • Built to Last
    • Features:
    • 12 x 6 ft Target net
    • Helps improve skills
    • Unique interchangeable colour coding system
    • Built to last
    • Can be quickly fitted to any solid frame
    • Compatable with QUICKPLAY Q-Fold 12 x 6ft
    • Assembly time: 2 minutes approx

Assembly time 2 minutes approx
Brand Quickplay
Dimensions H 183 x W 366 cm
Type Target Net

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