Rayvolt Ringo E-Bike with Lights, Leather Bag, Set Up Assistance And First Year Inspection in Shadow Black

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Off road but urban, compact but generous, vintage yet modern. The Rayvolt Ringo is a stylish post-apocalyptic looking e-bike, made for the city and the road with an all-terrain versatility. This practical and comfortable e-bike has a head spinning look that will let you be the eye catcher of the road. The Ringo combines a great look, a comfortable position and features of the latest technologically advanced Rayvolt smart tech.

The removable Ringo battery is built around efficiency. The regenerative electronic braking system converts the torque into resistance which recharges the battery and helps you slow down. This is done by signals being sent to the motor controller and provoking a reverse effect in the DC motor. This uses wheel inertia to generate electricity and extends the battery range.

The Rayvolt Ringo lets you cycle up to 25 miles with a full charge of battery. You are able to have a long uninterrupted journey thanks to the high quality 36V 13Ah li-ion battery and power assist cycling. This bike provides pedal assistance; this serves the bike with power and detects pedal motion to give you that extra push up the hill.

The Rayvolt Ringo arrives pre-assembled from the service centre and therefore you can begin your new adventures immediately upon delivery. Included with the Ringo are fitted retro style front and rear lights and a stylish front leather bag.

Download the free smart technology system called Electronic Intelligent Vehicle Assistant (EIVA) via your smartphone on either IOS or Android. This is Rayvolt’s free advanced software to allow the rider to customise their riding experience.

The main features of this app are that it can monitor your speed and battery life, adjusts your pedal assistance and lets you know how far you have travelled.

Rayvolt UK provide free delivery service. Included is a first year annual inspection, checkup, and service at the Rayvolt Service Centre. This inspection consists of a thorough check and report on the operation of the bike. Rayvolt will also provide recommendations of replacements or repairs that may be needed. The inspection can also include an optional pick up and redelivery service at a cost dependent on location.

Rayvolt Ringo e-bikes are delivered to customers set up to be fully compliant with UK street legal format pertinent to pedelecs. This bike meets the EAPC requirements when it has been set up for 'UK street' on the Rayvolt EIVA app which connects to the bike, conforming to UK regulations. On this setting, it can be used on cycle paths and anywhere else pedal bikes are permitted.

    • Features:
    • Regenerative power brake assist
    • Pedal assist system
    • Rayvolt aluminum 6061 frame
    • Powerful rear wheel brushless electric DC motor drive unit
    • Free EIVA smartphone app
    • Fitted front and rear retro style LED lights
    • Front Leather Bag
    • Max Speed: Up to 15.5 mph (25 kph) with pedal assist. (off-road mode up to 25 mph (40 kph) to be used on private property only with owner’s permission)
    • Max Range: Up to 25 miles, depending on terrain, riding conditions, rider style and user mode
    • Charging Time: 3-5 hours
    • Motor: Rayvolt smart hub 250W
    • Battery: Removable lithium-ion 36V 13Ah
    • Lights: Fitted front and rear retro style LED lights
    • EIVA Smartphone Features:
    • Monitor your speed and battery level and distance cycled
    • Monitor your connections between the bike and the app
    • Customise your pedal assistance and regenerative brake charging level to meet your needs
    • Advanced configurations settings available
    • Rayvolt Ringo e-bikes are delivered to customers set up to be fully compliant with UK street legal format pertinent to pedelecs.

Battery Removable lithium-ion 36V 13Ah
Brakeset Rayvolt oil disk brakes with e-regenerative 10A-50A
Brand Rayvolt
Chain KMC silver chain
Charging Time 3-5 hours
Frame Rayvolt Aluminum 6061
Motor Rayvolt smart hub 250W
Pedals Flat Rayvolt pedals
Rims Double wall 20" x 80mm
Saddle Rayvolt two-seater custom leather
Type E-Bike
Tyres 20" x 4.25"

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