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Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaner

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The Rug Doctor X3 eliminates the need for hiring a professional. It prolongs the life of your carpet by removing damaging, embedded grit that can grind away carpet fibres if not removed. The X3 is a must for providing a healthy environment for babies and children who play on the carpet. Rug Doctor has a proven record of outstanding product performance and is easy to store as it neatly folds up. The lightweight design moves smoothly and easily over carpets and with no repetitive backwards and forwards cleaning action, the X3 removes dirt and stains in one pass through its hot water extraction process. The additional upholstery tool attachment cleans stairs and fabric upholstery. Triple brush allows for increased removal of dirt stains and allergens.

Rug Doctor Pet Formula Carpet Detergent works on carpets, fabrics and other pet items such as pet beds and mattresses. The detergent enhances the removal of allergens and eliminates odours. It dissolves hard urine crystals, removes faeces, pet vomit and the oil and odours from pet's fur.

Rug Doctor Oxy Fabric Cleaner eliminates stains and odours from upholstery, mattresses and car interiors without leaving fabric damp.


    • Features:
    • Model: 1095516 X3
    • Includes:1 x Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X31 x Pet Formula Carpet Detergent1 x Oxy Power Fabric Cleaner
    • 1 x Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3
    • 1 x Pet Formula Carpet Detergent
    • 1 x Oxy Power Fabric Cleaner
    • Water Lift: 257cm
    • Universal Hand Tool Length: 3.6m
    • Adjustable Handle Height: 82.5cm-90.2cm
    • 25.4cm brush width
    • 8m cord length
    • Vibrating brush
    • Engineered for a professional quality clean
    • Increased dirt and allergen extraction power
    • Increased solution recovery for quick drying
    • Triple brush action for increased removal of dirt stains and allergens
    • Lightweight design moves smoothly and easily over carpets
    • Fold up neatly for easy storage


Adjustable Handle Height 82.5cm-90.2cm
Brand Rug Doctor
Capacity Solution Tank/Clean Tank: 11.4LRecovery Tank/Dirty Tank: 14L
Charge Time N/A
Colour Blue
Dimensions H 67.0 x W 29.0 x D 56.0 cm
Floor Types Carpet
Model 1095516 X3
Power 1200W
Run Time N/A
Type Carpet Cleaner
Universal Hand Tool Length 3.6m
Water Lift 257cm
Weight 17.7kg


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