Schock Waterfall D-150 Granite Kitchen Sink in Black

SKU: 66449146


The Schock Waterfall is the ultimate statement sink for your kitchen. It is a one of a kind, stand-out design inspired by natural waterfalls; the curved profiles of the sink carry the water from the drainer to the bowl with minimal effort. Manufactured from Igneous Granite - a patented formula of 80% quartz particles combined with high-grade acrylic produces a hardened composite material that is resistant to scratches, cracking and stains. The sink is easy to clean with an enhanced dirt-repellent, Nanoclean effect. With its natural antibacterial protection that inhibits 95% of micro-organism growth, the Schock Waterfall Sink has a safe work surface for handling fresh food, making kitchen chores a more hygienic and carefree experience. It includes 2 pre-drilled tap holes on both sides for monobloc, bridge or pillar taps fitting

    • Made from strong Cristadur Granite
    • Features:
    • Minimum base unit: 600 mm
    • Number of bowls: 1.5 bowls
    • Drainer Position: Reversible
    • Includes compatible waste kit: 2 x 89mm BSW & overflow kit
    • Made from Cristadur Granite
    • High resistance against scratches, heat (up to 180°C) & stains
    • UV- resistant for long-lasting intense colour
    • ProHygienic protection for a food-safe surface
    • Easy clean with Nanoclean effect

Drainer Position Reversible
Number of bowls 1.5 bowls
Minimum base unit 600 mm
Half bowl dimensions L168 x W173 x D138 (mm)
Main bowl dimensions L332 x W435 x D184 (mm)
Overall dimensions L1000 x W500 (mm)
Dimensions Overall dimensions: L1000 x W500 (mm)Main bowl dimensions: L332 x W435 x D184 (mm)Half bowl dimensions: L168 x W173 x D138 (mm)
Type Kitchen Sink
Material Cristadur Granite
Brand Schock
Colour Black

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