Silentnight Geltex 1850 Mattress, King Size

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Optimal Body SupportInnovative elasticity ensures immediate spring back for ultimate support and comfort. As no two individuals are the same, Geltex responds to the individual contours of the body, providing perfect spinal alignment and support throughout the night.

Perfect Pressure ReliefA unique fusion of gel molecules, foam crystals and air cells makes Geltex extremely flexible and adaptable. These advanced flexible properties distribute body weight evenly, preventing pressure points from building by relieving pressure where you need it most, helping to reduce the discomfort of aching joints and reduce circulatory problems.

Unparalleled BreathabilityMany people fail to enjoy a full and deep night's sleep because of uncomfortable overheating. Geltex has a unique open cell structure which provides unparalleled breathability, allowing air to pass through easily, preventing the body from overheating.

The right mattress is vital in getting a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling rested and refreshed. Silentnight have created the answer to this with Geltex - groundbreaking new technology which delivers unparalleled breathability, perfect pressure relief and optimal body support. Collectively delivering the ultimate sleep solution.

    • Unparalleled Breathability
    • Perfect Pressure Relief
    • Optimal Body Support
    • Features:
    • Springs: 1850 zoned Mirapocket spring system
    • Firmness rating: Medium/Soft
    • Geltex: 8cm Geltex comfort layer (in mattress pillowtop)
    • Turning instructions: No need to turn, simply rotate, at least once every 3 months
    • Warranty: 5 years

Mattress Size King Size
Mattress Firmness Medium
Special Features No TurnGeltex
Mattress Type Pocket Spring
Brand Silentnight
Type Mattress
Dimensions H 31 x W 150 x L 200 cm
Springs 1850 zoned Mirapocket spring system
Firmness rating Medium/Soft
Warranty 5 years